I Have Not Arrived


For the journey has just begun.

Oft I am weak and weary,

In the shadows, am undone.

–     –     –

I am a work in progress

The destination still in play.

Regret and disappointment

Often mar the traveled way.

–     –     –

Perfection far exceeds me

Far down the path it dwells.

Never grasping, always reaching,

All ‘round the shadow swells.

–     –     –

But in the distant twilight

Hanging in the shady nether,

A lamp is waiting yonder,

Reaching out beyond the tether.

–     –     –

Birds of carrion hover ‘round me,

At my heels, nip fear and galling.

Stumbling forward, I blunder onward,

All the while, the Master’s calling.

–     –     –

Words of comfort Jesus whispers,

In my ear, throughout the day.

“Stand thou fast and do not falter,

Darkness ends, for dawn holds sway.”

–     –     –

“Out of sorrow, hope is springing,

From your weakness, strength abounds.

Ever press you forth to journey,

Each step moves t’ward holy ground.”

–     –     –

“Soon the trials of life be over.

Then the day will e’er be won.

Rest awaits you ‘round the corner,

But for now, keep moving on.”

–     –     –

I strain to see the far illumine

I can almost hear them sing

Crying out in joyful tribute,

“Holy, holy is the King.”

–     –     –

Rest awaits me ‘round the corner,

So for now, I am revived.

I am a work in progress,

For I have not arrived.

~ Susan

He Calmed the Troubled Sea –

Rembrandt 1633

Rembrandt 1633

One day, Jesus and his disciples were on a boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee. While Jesus slept under the bow of the ship, a storm rose, violent over the waters. The wind whipped against the sails and the waves tossed the boat about with such force that the men began to fear for their lives.

Unable to stand against their anxiety, the disciples woke Jesus, crying out, “Master, how can you sleep? Do you not know we are all going to die? Will you do nothing to help us?”

Slowly, Jesus rose and looked with disappointment at His men. “Where is your faith? Did you think that I would bring you here and not help you?”

Then the Lord went and stood upon the bow of the ship. Stretching out His hand against the storm, He commanded, “Peace, be still.”

And the wind died away. The waves ceased to churn. He calmed the troubled sea.


One day, terror struck my life. Death entered at the hands of an enemy I could not fight. The winds of doubt whipped against my sails. A storm brewed, tossing me violently upon a sea of fear and doubt. The very foundation of my faith was torn away.

WallUnable to stand against my anxiety, I went to Jesus and cried out, “Lord, where are you? Do you not know that I am dying? Will you do nothing to help me?”

Then Jesus stood in the path of my life and looked deep into my eyes. Softly and tenderly, He spoke these words, “Susan, where is your faith? Did you think I would have brought you here and not helped you?”

So this same Jesus lifted His hand to me and said, “Peace, be still and know that I am God.”

And the wind died away. The waves ceased to churn. He calmed the troubled sea.

~ Susan

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