THE ANOINTED ONE: The Story Behind the Story

I have journeyed far and fought many battles. I have lived and loved, and even looked in the face of death. For I have seen life through the eyes of my characters.

We all seek stories of hope, of people who rise above their circumstances, as examples for us to follow, so that we, too, can rise.

For most of us, The Anointed One is not a new story. Yet the depth of this epic tale goes far deeper than our childhood lessons taught in Sunday School. It is a story of faith, courage, and obedience. An epic tale of kingship; a journey into the heart of the Judean Mountains and across the sun-baked desert where the meek rise and the proud fall, and a stone is mightier than the sword.

As a homeschool mom of 24 years, I have taught many literature classes. One aspect I stress is to know the author on a personal level, for there is always more to a story than what is read upon the pages of a book. It’s between the lines that the truth of the story can be found.

Why did the author choose to write this particular story?

When you know the answer, a depth of revelation strikes you as you read,

– a secret insight that you share with the writer.

So what led me to write THE ANOINTED ONE?

On September 11, 2001, my father was killed by terrorist.

The aftermath of this tragedy threw me into a struggle with doubt, grief, and trauma.

I sought relief by reading, especially the works of Tolkien. His experiences and insight into death and loss helped me to come to terms with my own journey.

Through this experience, I began to feel a story growing inside of me. In writing this epic saga, I, too, hope to reach others, to give back the help that was offered me.

As our circumstances change, we must adapt to this new rhythm, knowing full well we can never return to life as we knew it.

We can only move from this point forward. We must not linger on the failures of the past, but move on and create a better tomorrow.

Each day we must take a step. The manner of that step, and the direction taken, is up to us.


“Do you believe that our future is ruled by fate, that we have no choice?” queried Saul. “Was it the fate of the hare to become the meal of the buzzard?”

“I believe that our future is what we make of it,” answered Ahinoam.

“Did our fathers before us have a choice? Did Abraham or Moses have a choice? Or were their lives preordained by Yahweh?”

Ahinoam moved closer to Saul and placed her arm around his waist. “God lays out the path for us, but we must choose to take the next step. Why do you question so? Tell me what has happened.”

“How can one man change the world? Who has that kind of power?”

“Do you not see that we are all connected? Saul, all we do affects those around us, who then in turn affect more people. In this way, yes, a single man can change the course of many.”

Ahinoam looked up into the face of Saul. She stroked his brow in a vain attempt to brush away the furrows of anxious thought fixed upon his countenance. “Saul, why do you speak so? Do not keep me at arm’s length.”

“I do not know what the path holds before me. I have been shown a course I must take, and it is a road of which I want no part.”

“Oft when I walk among the hills, I must journey down a precipice. Where the path leads, I cannot see. In faith I must take that first step, blindly anticipating the next. I cannot see where the next foothold is until I step to the one I do see, then is revealed the next step I must take. If it is God who directs your path, there is naught to do but follow His lead. Have faith, my husband, that He will show you your next step in due time.”

The Anointed One pg. 61-62


Saul had a choice, an opportunity, and so do we all. With great care, choose the path upon which you walk. The choices you make will ripple down through the ages.


May your walk be worthy of remembrance,