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Trilogy of Kings

Trilogy of Kings

There are some things that should not be forgotten, some truths that should not be forsaken. A story torn from the pages of antiquity, in an age where gods ruled the land: two men, two nations, drawn into an immortal struggle.  The Stone of Ebenezer.

An epic adventure of parallel dimensions as two men on opposing sides fight against faith and revenge until ultimately the battle lines merge into a climatic confrontation. Follow this journey through the plains and hills of ancient Israel as the Hebrew people push back against the encroaching army of Philistia.

Throughout the pages of The Trilogy of Kings, the personal and spiritual struggle of Israel’s people unfolds through love, war, and intrigue, making the story relevant forTrilogy of Kings Logo today as an exciting example of the human condition. Together with these beloved characters, the human saga is captured, sharing their joys and sorrows, triumphs and losses.

The Trilogy of Kings is divided into five books.

The Stone of Ebenezer  – prelude to the main story, introduces the turbulent history of the Israelite/Philistine conflict

The Anointed One – covers the life and times of King Saul, Israel’s first king

By the Waters of En Gedi – captures the action and drama played out as King Saul pursues David through the wilderness

A House Divided – follows the life of King David, a man after God’s own heart

The Sins of the Father – sees King Solomon enter as Israel’s third king whose wisdom exceeds all others

The Trilogy of Kings combines the traditions brought forth by Holy Writ, archeology, and the customs and manners of ancient Israel during its monarchy period. The novel covers the epoch of human struggle and triumph as the nation attempts to rise above the oppression of its enemies to achieve a united national identity.

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