Top 30 Finalists of the Aspiring Authors Writing Contest

I am pleased and honored to announce that my novel, THE STONE OF EBENEZER, has been selected as a finalist in the WestBow Press and The Parable Group Aspiring Authors Writing Contest. This is the second honor for this manuscript. On to round two – The winners will be announced on June 21, 2014.

The Stone of Ebenezer

There are some things that should not be forgotten, some truths that should not be forsaken. A story torn from the pages of antiquity, in an age where gods ruled the land: two men, two nations, drawn into an immortal struggle. 

~     ~     ~

Revenge. His blood burns with a shaking rage.He does not forget.

NAGAD’s life was perfect until it was torn apart by the ravages of war. Now, haunted by his past, this young conscript must meet the enemy in battle. With shaking rage the nations collide in a fierce conflict for dominance. Yet more is at stake than the survival of a people. The dispute contests the claim of immortal supremacy, the outcome to prove whose god reigns omnipotent.

And so, Nagad of Benjamin pushes on through the raging tide of battle. But to no avail. Soon crushed by the mighty war machine of Philistia, thousands of Hebrew soldiers lay slaughtered upon the carrion infested field. Hope has abandoned them. Then it is remembered, that in the days of their fathers, any army that bore the Ark of the Covenant could not be defeated. They need the Ark, for only then can the Chosen of God prevail against the enemy.

But they are wrong. The appetite of the bloodthirsty Philistines is not yet satisfied.

In the days of the last judge of Israel, from the foothills of Ephraim to the coast of the Great Sea, THE STONE OF EBENEZER is a sweeping saga of loss and revenge. This extraordinary tale from the Bible is brought to life, woven together in a tapestry of details, accurately portrayed in light of historical, archeological, and cultural landscapes.

As nations clash in a struggle for regional dominance, two men, on opposite sides, each strive to overcome the past and reconcile faith in his god.

Beyond the Biblical account of the conflict at Aphek and the ensuing trouble that follows the Ark of the Covenant, this story transcends to the post-9/11 world and the crisis of faith brought about by loss and grief. THE STONE OF EBENEZER moves beyond the field of battle, looking intimately into the hearts and minds of those dwelling within opposing nations. Influenced by the works of Tolkien and Dickens, and in the vein of Hadassah: One Night with the King by Tommy Tenney and Mark Andrew Olsen, this Biblical fiction, takes the reader on a journey that spans the breadth of twenty years.

An amazing, vivid account of biblical events is historically accurate where God’s judgments, treacherous journeys, blood battles and even romance come alive to the reader in this skillfully written epic story.
Foreword written by Rev. Judith Wiegman

 ~ Susan

Finalist in the 2011 and 2012
Women of Faith
writing contest